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Will Shown


Senior UX designer
1 year 8 months | Jun 2017 to present

Founded the UX design practice at AMBOSS, established the beginnings of an agile workflow, set up a common design language, and grew the UX team from just myself to 4 designers and one user researcher. Under my leadership we began redesigning and redeveloping AMBOSS’s flagship product to be friendlier to new users, more testable and iterable, and more usable in general.

UX designer & UI engineer
1 year | May 2016 to May 2017

Designed and built a media viewer and the internal tooling necessary for bringing in-house illustrations into a highly interactive and portable experience. In this process I advocated for and implemented a more robust workflow for the front-end, including automated tests, builds, and code reviews.

UX designer II: WDG
1 year 1 month | Mar 2015 to Apr 2016

As part of the envisioning team in Windows, I designed and engineered ideas for the future of content experiences. Many of these concepts were far-reaching and called for new techniques and the latest technologies. The final designs and prototypes acted as tangible evidence that the future was within reach, and guided the design group's continuing work.

UX designer II: AMP & MSN
1 year 8 months | Jan 2013 to Oct 2014

Designed common features and built prototypes of new ideas for Bing/MSN apps, the new MSN.com, and other projects. Many of the apps I've contributed to come pre-installed on the latest Windows devices including desktops, tablets, and phones, and the new MSN is live at msn.com.

UI engineer
9 months | Sep 2011 to Jun 2012

Designed and built developer-user experiences for Apigee. I was tasked with conceptualizing, prototyping, and shipping Apigee’s first web portal for clients in close coordination with the UX design team. Our portal visualized and made interactive the components of Apigee’s API gateway.

UI engineer
4 months | Mar 2011 to Aug 2011

Built websites and website components using image sprites and finely-honed HTML and CSS such that the product was compatible with even very old browsers. I also worked on several internal tools written in Ruby.


McGill University
B.A. & Sc. Honours Cognitive Science
3 years 3 months | Sep 2007 to Dec 2010

Focused on topics in cognitive and computational psychology, linguistics, philosophy of science, and computer science, with two undergraduate research theses in neural networks and a minor in Japanese language.


I tend to avoid stock boilerplate at work, but create-react-app came in handy making this portfolio, along with Material UI and an SSR architecture based on Patrick Cason’s.

The icons are Feather Icons.

The serif font is Merriweather. The sans font is Raleway.

Other dependencies can be found in the repository for this portfolio on Github.

DevOps is Firebase, using Hosting for the client app, Storage for assets, and Cloud Functions for SSR and the API.

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